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Research questions

We launched the new learning resources (NLR) initiative to explore the intersection of education and educational resources, particularly open content, e-books and gaming.  We are asking these strategic questions:

  • Why do NLR matter to liberal education? What is the likely future of NLR in liberal education?
  • What is the status of NLR in liberal education? What are the obstacles to implementation? What are the impacts?
  • How can liberal education strategically take advantage of NLRs? What strategies can we recommend to liberal arts colleges in planning for NLR and integrating them into teaching and learning?
  • How can colleges learn about them, assess them, and evaluate their use? How should new learning resources be supported? Where does it make sense to collaborate?
  • What are the most productive and appropriate ways for liberal education/small colleges to engage with these new learning resources?
  • What does it take to produce NLR content (ebooks, gaming, OER)? What tools are available? How can a community of contributors be engaged? When is it appropriate for a campus to be both producer and consumer?
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